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We are, Chongqing Topful Chemicals Co., Ltd. specialized in developing and manufacturing of Strontium salts, Barium salts, Manganese salts and other basic inorganic fine chemicals in China. Our Strontium & Barium & Manganese chemicals are produced from Celestite & Strontianite, Barite & Witherite, Manganese ore, mined and beneficiated from one of China's richest reserves of Celestite & Strontianite, Barite & Witherite, Manganese ore located in Chongqing. Quality control, process technology and sound environmental policy combine to make Chongqing Topful  Chemicals Co., Ltd a leading manufacturer in the production of Sr & Ba & Mn chemicals in China. These ensures we provide our customers with consistent, reliable, competitive and stable sources of these chemicals.

All of us at Topful Chemicals take pride in what we do and are committed to quality and service. We stand behind all of our products, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction, meeting your raw material needs is our top priority.

Topful Chemicals’ combination of high-quality products, timely worldwide deliveries.....

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